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Formerly known as Nueva Fontana, the club Tartufo Madrid is located in the area of Nuevos Ministerios. The club has been refurbished by the well known designer Tomás Alía and the interior decor has been inspired in a baroque-modern style, giving as a result a very modern and glamorous venue. The profile of the clientele that attends Tartufo Madrid is very clear: VIP clubbers and the privileged class of Madrid, always +25 years old.

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Address: Calle Hernani, 75, 28020 Madrid
Directions: Metro L6, L8, L10 - Nuevos Ministerios
Music: Mixed: Latin music, House and Commercial
Audience: Selected Crowd: Ladies + 19 years old Guys: +22 ye
Dresscode: Elegant (guys must wear shirt and dressing shoes)
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