Travel to Ibiza with Stoke Travel & Madrid Lux


Travel to Ibiza with Stoke Travel & Madrid Lux

Ibiza is one of the meccas of fun worldwide, and Madrid Lux brings you the best option for your trip with.

The partners of Madrid Lux, Stoke Travel and YouBarcelona, offers you a great option for just 150€ per person. Enjoy of the beaches, coves with dream landscapes, and most important, unlimited drinks and access to the best clubs in the world. Everything through MADRID LUX and our partners in Ibiza.

- 2 nights on a oceanfront hotel
- Stoke Travel guides at all time
- 3 meals per day at the hotel
- Unlimited drinks and food from 11:00h to 23:00h in the hotel bar.
- Exclusive Foam Party at the hotel
- Access to the most important clubs of Ibiza: Pacha, Space, Amnesia, among others ..

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Fiesta en Ibiza


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